So here we are …

As we write, we are in our home in Minnesota waiting and hoping for Winter.  Maybe this year we’ll be able to wax those skis.

2012 was our first full year in Minnesota, but Golden Valley sometimes felt like a rest stop.  John took off for his much anticipated trip down the Blues Highway in March, then there was April with friends, family and the beautiful beach in St. Augustine, the May trip up the coast in search of booksellers for The Cut of Her Jib (see below), happy summer times with Geoff, Kellie and the kids and a visit from Ed, Johanna and their family, a trip to Dartmouth on the way home … all of that shoehorned around John writing his first novel, Hack the Yak.  Having arrived home and paused for breath, let us bring you up to date.  This year, there are more pictures.  Be sure to visit the galleries to see them.  If you click on the small pictures, they get bigger.

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The Cut of Her Jib

In 1852, Bev’s great-great-grandmother Clarissa married a whaling captain, Horace Nickerson.  He went to sea, and she kept a journal. Bev’s grandmother found the journal a century or so later and it became the inspiration for a wonderful historical novel, The Cut of Her Jib, about Cape Cod and the whaling life.

Pages from the original journal

We decided to republish it last year, and this year we set about contacting booksellers and museums to sell it.

It’s been a lot of work and a lot of fun, with Bev using those well-honed teaching skills to make presentations about it.

There is a website,, with more about the book.  The book was illustrated by two famous marine artists, Gordon Grant and Walker Cain.

Two of the illustrations are shown here, and there are more at the website

Hack the Yak

John finished the draft of a first novel, Hack the Yak, this summer.   At this point, he’s rewriting and passing through the apparently obligatory series of agent rejections.  He has started a blog at, so if you would like to follow the progress of the second novel, Skins and Bone, sign up as a follower on the blog.

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